October 1-31, 2018

cognac classic crawl

chicago & Los Angeles


What is the Cognac Classic Crawl?


As one of the most famous spirits the world-over, cognac was used as the centerpiece of many of the first cocktails that were introduced in the late 1800s and early 1900s—today considered “classics” and part of any bartender or enthusiast’s vocabulary.

And it is no surprise why cognac was so popular: produced from the vineyards of this European Geographical Indication in southwest France, cognac offers an unrivaled aromatic richness and diversity of styles that makes it a unique and flexible ingredient for mixology. 

This year, the Cognac Classic Crawl comes to Chicago and Los Angeles. Explore some of the top bars in each city and experience why Cognac captivated the stirrers and shakers of the world’s first cocktail-makers.  

All ticket proceeds will be donated to Inspiration Corporation and L.A. Kitchen, in Chicago and Los Angeles, respectively. 

Chicago Bars.jpg


From tiki to rockabilly to neighborhood tavern, discover the five Chicago bars that have partnered for the Cognac Classic Crawl.

LA bars.jpg

Los Angeles

Discover the Los Angeles bars that will be making delicious renditions of their favorite cognac classics for the Cognac Classic Crawl in October.